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Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now What happened? In May 2014, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released a plan that would have allowed companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to discriminate online and create pay-to-play fast lanes. Millions of you spoke out -- and fought back.
Touch ID hackers attempt to take things to next level, no need for physical fingerprint By 9to5Mac: The hacker who successfully used a fingerprint captured from an iPhone to fool Touch ID now believes it may be possible to perform the same hack without needing access to a physical fingerprint. Speaking at this year’s Chaos Computer Club convention, Jan Krissler -- who uses the alias Starbug -- demonstrated how a fingerprint can be generated from a series of ordinary photographs of someone’s finger.
Hackers released an enormous cache of 13,000 passwords and credit cards By Aaron Sankin: On Friday, a group claiming affiliation with the loose hacker collective Anonymous released a document containing approximately 13,000 username-and-password combinations along with credit card numbers and expiration dates. There was information from accounts at Walmart, Amazon, and Hulu Plus, as well as keys to computer games like The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, and a whole lot of porn sites.
Apple releases critical NTP Security Update for OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, & Mountain Lion By 9to5 mac: Apple today released an OS X NTP Security Update for Mac users running 10 10 Yosemite, 10 9 Mavericks, and 10 8 Mountain Lion. The update is recommended for all users and fixes a "critical security issue with the software that provides the Network Time Protocol service for OS X," according to Apple.
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Solo Computer Services Graphic Arts Gallery

We decided to keep this page really vivid and use it to show off some of the work that we have done for certain client projects over the years. We have broken the artwork down into categories. This may help you better see how we have implemented our creative talents along with those which are technical to come up with our graphic arts solutions for our clients. We provide graphic arts services that range from graphic arts design, photo retouch, video services, custom dvds, web-based multimedia and much more! Contact Us today.

Digital Artwork Retouch Project

Original Water Damaged Degree
Original Water Damaged Degree with Very Blurry Signatures Retouched Degree

Retouched Degree with Fixed Legible Signatures

Operation Fix Degree

The following image was sent to us by a gentleman who had a college degree with major water damage. His degree has been posted on our web site with his permission and his name digitally blurred out to protect his identity. Notice how bad the original degree looks with visible water spots and ink blur. It also has damage on the gold-colored plating portions of the degree such as the school crest, the lower-left "With Honors" seal, and the lower-right seal. We went in and retouched his image back to perfect quality so that he can have a copy of it on digital media and he can take the digital version and print it on his home printer or send it off to a commercial printing service.

Digital Artwork Composition
Digital Artwork Example
2005 Number 06 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series of MRD Motorsports

NASCAR Promo Card

The digital artwork to the left is a promo card that we produced for for MRD Motorsports 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series racing season.

SCS Flag

Mock Up Graphics

The artwork to the left is just a very small sampling of some of our graphics arts work. The entire image is all digital and was made in the computer.

Sample Graphics Artwork

Church Fundraiser Ad

This ad was created for a local church for a fundraising event that they held.

3D Graphic Arts

Computer 3D Graphic Models

This image was created with our 3D software and rendered out into the picture you see. The original computer model can be changed and manipulated on any axis. We can take our 3D models and render them out to your custom video projects.

Digital Photography

Blue Rose
This photo is a combination of our photography and digital retouching which produced this vivid blue rose.
Texas Sunset Photo
This photo was taken during sunset in Chapel Hill, Texas

Fall Leaves
A shot taken of leaves in the fall

Trumpet Plant
Digital photo taken of trumpet plant early in the morning

The Shot

The first image to the left was taken in 2003 of a rose bush after a spring shower storm. It was then processed digitally and the blue color added.

The next image was taken in the historic Chapel Hill, Texas as the sun was going down over the tree line. It has maintained its status as a favorite among visitors to the web site.

Print Layout Artwork
Real Estate Property Sign created by Solo Computer Services
Designer Hounds Print Ad
Paper Ad Designed by Solo Computer Services

Advertising Signs and Ads

The image to the left is a scaled version of a print ad we designed for Designer Hounds. This ad appeared in numerous nationally-published greyhound enthusiast magazines.

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